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Sources of video collections presented on this website

Montanans lead the Nation in recognizing the unique heritage of American Indian tribes and the contribution they make to our state's history, culture, and knowledge. Despite this constitutional recognition, most Montanans have little access to learn about this rich heritage, except indirectly, through the written word.

This website provides the opportunity to learn from tribal elders and educators themselves- from all twelve Montana Tribes.

Regional Learning Project interviews

Since 2001, through filmed interviews, the Regional Learning Project (RLP) has been engaged in providing first-hand accounts of history, culture and knowledge of tribes of Montana and the Greater Northwest. Over 40 of the RLP interviews are with elders and educators from Montana tribes.

Prior to the creation of this Montana Tribes website, clips from these interviews have been organized by particular historical eras or themes for use in websites and films. This unique compendium provides an opportunity for Montana citizens and educators to flesh out the "Essential Understandings about Montana Indians."

"RLP interview" and date are noted on each transcript associated with the film clips from this video library.

OPI's Indian Education for All Ready to Go grants

In 2005 the Montana Legislature provided funding for Ready to Go grants to K-12 school districts to assist the Office of Public Instruction with developing culturally relevant curriculum for the implementation of Indian Education for All.

Some of the video clips appearing in the digital archives presented here were produced through these projects. You will find "OPI interview" noted on transcripts associated with the film clips from the Ready to Go grants.