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Website Credits

Production of this website was funded through a collaboration between The University of Montana and Montana’s Office of Public Instruction in 2009.

Original Concept: Sally Thompson, Kim Lugthart, Denise Juneau, Mike Jetty

Original Website review: Sally Thompson, Kim Lugthart, Mike Jetty, and Lynn Hinch

UM Regional Learning Project Team

Co-produced by Sally Thompson, Ph.D. and Kim Lugthart
Website development, design and layout, Kim Lugthart
Video editor and web technician, Dustin Mennie
Content development, review and transcription of video clips by Elizabeth Sperry and Happy Avery

Montana Office of Public Instruction Team

Denise Juneau, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Mike Jetty, Indian Education Specialist – Curriculum
Lynn Hinch, Acting Director of Indian Education
Original Streaming video wizard, Steve Meredith, Internet Services Bureau Chief

Montana Digital Academy 2018 Website Update Team

Robert Currie, Executive Director
Jason Neiffer, Assitant Director/Curriculum Director
Mike Agostinelli, Instructional Program Director

Video Libraries

RLP video library materials are from interviews conducted by Sally Thompson, Ph.D., with videography by Ken Furrow, Furrow Productions, and Bob Boyer.

OPI interviews produced through funding provided for Ready to Go grants to K-12 school districts by the Office of Public Instruction.

Image credits

Tribal Territories in Montana map displayed on Montana Tribes website on the site front page was developed by Sally Thompson and Kim Lugthart, © 2009 UM Regional Learning Project.

Sources of Video

Montanans lead the Nation in recognizing the unique heritage of American Indian tribes and the contribution they make to our state’s history, culture, and knowledge. Despite this constitutional recognition, most Montanans have little access to learn about this rich heritage, except indirectly, through the written word.

This website provides the opportunity to learn from tribal elders and educators themselves- from all twelve Montana Tribes.

Regional Learning Project interviews

Since 2001, through filmed interviews, the Regional Learning Project (RLP) has been engaged in providing first-hand accounts of history, culture and knowledge of tribes of Montana and the Greater Northwest. Over 40 of the RLP interviews are with elders and educators from Montana tribes.

Prior to the creation of this Montana Tribes website, clips from these interviews have been organized by particular historical eras or themes for use in websites and films. This unique compendium provides an opportunity for Montana citizens and educators to flesh out the “Essential Understandings about Montana Indians.”

“RLP interview” and date are noted on each transcript associated with the film clips from this video library.

OPI’s Indian Education for All Ready to Go grants

In 2005 the Montana Legislature provided funding for Ready to Go grants to K-12 school districts to assist the Office of Public Instruction with developing culturally relevant curriculum for the implementation of Indian Education for All.

Some of the video clips appearing in the digital archives presented here were produced through these projects. You will find “OPI interview” noted on transcripts associated with the film clips from the Ready to Go grants.

Speaker Acknowledgements

The individuals who have shared their knowledge and experience for use in this website represent a wide range of elders, educators, and students from every tribe in Montana. Together, this rich compilation draws from contemporary experience and reaches back into time immemorial, drawing on the cumulative wealth of the many diverse cultures of Montana. We all benefit from their generosity.

Clover Anaquod, Assiniboine/Sioux
Selena Ditmar, Assiniboine
Robert Four Star, Assiniboine
Charlotte Kelley, Assiniboine
William Longknife, Assiniboine
Lorilane Walker, Assiniboine
Earl Barlow, Blackfeet
Linda Juneau, Blackfeet
Darrell Kipp, Blackfeet
Patty LaPlant, Blackfeet
Curly Bear Wagner, Blackfeet
Calvin Weatherwax, Blackfeet
Lea Whitford, Blackfeet
Narcisse Blood, Blood
Nadine Morsette, Chippewa Cree
Sam Windy Boy, Jr., Chippewa-Cree
Shane Doyle, Crow
Joe Medicine Crow, Crow
Lanny Real Bird, Crow
Hubert Two Leggins, Crow
Emory Champagne, Gros Ventre
Sean Chandler, Gros Ventre
Everall Fox, Gros Ventre
George Horse Capture, Sr., Gros Ventre
Vernon Finley, Kootenai
Russell Boham, Little Shell Chippewa
Ray Cross, Mandan-Hidatsa
Bertha Other Bull, Northern Cheyenne
Dick Little Bear, Northern Cheyenne
Louis Adams, Salish
Julie Cajune, Salish
Joyce Silverthorne, Salish
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Dakota Sioux
Bettilou Clark, Educator, Potawatomi
Margaret Petty, Educator
Maylinn Smith, Director, Indian Law Clinic, UM Law School