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Digital Archives

Digital Archives features hundreds of contemporary video clips addressing a wide spectrum of topics from tribal perspectives.

The content in this section is organized according to the Essential Understandings regarding Montana Indians educational standards developed for teachers but also intended to be user-friendly for all interested citizens.

The “Big Picture” section provides a historical perspective on Indian Education for All and the “In Action” section showcases examples of IEFA implementation.

There are several files in the PDF files for reference in the submenu to the right, which you may wish to print out and have available as you go through the digital archives.

The Meet the Speakers link leads to an introduction to the people featured in this archive.

The interviews featured here are individual perspectives regarding the Essential Understandings and Indian Education for All, as such, they are not meant to be reflective of their tribal nation or educational association. (see Essential Understanding #2).

The Sources link on the submenu provides background information about the media collections presented here.